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  • 4W2448 Oil Pump
Product details
  • Des.£º4W2448 Oil Pump
  • Original£ºChina
  • Brand£ºCaterpillar
  • Apply Model£ºCAT3306
  • Part No.£º4W2448
  • System£ºOil Systems
  • Size£º
  • Weight£º0
  • MOQ£º2pcs
  • Genuine:$ 0.00
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    Product ID£º3318
    Delivery time £ºIn stock

  • Description

Oil Pump for Caterpillar Engine:

3066 Caterpilar 5I6017
3306 Caterpilar 4W2448
D7G Caterpilar 2P9239
D6C Caterpilar 3P6814
D6D Caterpilar 3P6816

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