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Feirui electronic network generator regulator has been plagued by many friends, this chapter mainly aims at the generator voltage regulator failure summarizes some methods to eliminate the!

1. Don't burn switch can start the engine, to elucidate the switch circuit. Remove ignition switch for inspection or replacement.

2. To check oil level, generator regulator normally detachable lost oil quantity alarm installation, such as starting the engine, to elucidate the oil level alarm installation damage, detachable identification may change.

3. Such as a spark plug magnet cracks, the intermediate electrode erosion damage, should replace the spark plug.

4. The spark plug is too dirty, available gasoline clean, and the electrode gap is adjusted to0.6mm - 0. SMM and then drying from the new application.

5. Check should be low voltage coil, Cummins parts charging coil resistance to its limits, or to reflect its peak voltage can be normal to the inspection inspection, or change the coils or electronic igniter of all.

6. High voltage line and the spark plug joint such as the articulation is not firm of cummins governing board for new joint, when the high-pressure line moisture leakage, can be detached to clean, and then drying, after disposal are still valid, should change to a new high voltage line.

7. If incineration system is normal, should check whether dredging oil, petrol in the tank can be mixed with water. Attention : check oil should not only reflect tubing can dredge, also need to reflect on whether accumulation of impurities in carburetor main metering hole generator controller infarction: gasoline carburetor cleaning solution.

8. Check the fuel tank can be gasoline, and then carefully check the oil switch can be opened, and then the tank vent dredging out let box connected with the atmosphere, the pressure difference.

9. The carburetor and tubing connecting pipe unloading, slightly with mouth breath, due to a fuel outflow; if no fuel outflow, remove oil filter, oil filter, using compressed air connection pipe dredging.

10. Such as oil out of oil, can reflect the carburetor inlet oil condition; used a screwdriver to loosen the carburetor oil discharge screw, such as oil, oil needle stuck to. Remove the carburetor, check the oil needle can exercise, the float chamber can have water no dirt, main nozzle can attack, perhaps to the carburetor for a thorough clean. 11. Check the cylinder pressure, normal6 to7 105Pa, cylinder pressure is too low, the general is a local blockade of lax, leakage phenomenon. No pressure gauge, can experience : one is using the fingers over the spark plug hole, startup flow of induction air rushes outside, elucidating the pressure enough. The two is to use a small cloth group by the spark plug ( no leakage ). Start time. Can hear the loud noise when the gas out, clarify and normal pressure. Low pressure cylinder or clarify tightening. Even a, bending machine price check each contact surface ( cylinder head and body contact surface, the spark plug and cylinder head combination contact surface ) can fastening, cummins actuator can drain installation cylinder head pad. B, piston ring wear serious, need change the piston ring. C, valve stuck scene, earth is Su air door such as carbon deposition.